English to SQL via C-Phrase

We seek to revolutionize access to SQL databases by letting users simply type (or click build) natural language questions and updates. So instead of struggling to find the right dashboard or data entry screen, users just pose questions and updates in plain English.

  • Watch demonstration videos here.
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You deploy C-Phrase on AWS, on Azure, or on-premises. None of your data is accessible to any outside party, including us. That said, we also offer hosted solutions where we do the administration. Our pricing is clear. We impose no limits on the number of users or questions. You may remove C-Phrase branding for any white label product you develop.

C-Phrase is based on combinatorial natural language interfaces (NLIs) (paper, video). Unlike LLMs, combinatorial NLIs do not require training data and machine learning. That said, C-Phrase compliments systems like ChatGPT. With both together, you can 10X your organization's effectiveness.