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C-Phrase: Natural Language to SQL

C-Phrase is a front-end for natural language search and updates of SQL-based databases. So instead of writing SQL or filling out forms, users just type in (or click build) their questions and updates in plain English (watch demo). C-Phrase is the only natural language interface system on the market that lets users both search and update databases. To make this dependable, C-Phrase always paraphrases interpretations back to users for confirmation. This gives users complete control over what SQL gets applied.

C-Phrase runs on AWS or on-premises and fully integrates with PostgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL.  C-Phrase integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure and requires no expensive or insecure replication of data. Please watch our videos, launch a free trial and read our documentation to tailor C-Phrase to your unique needs. Also please contact us. We would be delighted to join you on your journey.