Launching a C-Phrase VM on Azure

You may subscribe to C-Phrase on Azure. In this case, you have complete control over your data and do not need to take contact with us to use C-Phrase.

This video shows a launch of a VM on Azure.

User-data on Launch

It is recommended that during VM launch you provide the following advanced detail user-data as text where PASSWORD is your password and admin is the username for the C-Phrase Administrator:

/root/ admin PASSWORD

This will run the Admin Server at launch so you will not need to SSH into the VM instance to start it manually. Assuming that you did not alter the default network settings, after launch, just point your browser at port 9999 of the public IP address of the VM instance (e.g. Note initially you must access this using http not https. Once you connect, you will be presented with a log in screen. Loging in will bring you to the Admin Interface.

Note that your access to C-Phrase is insecure at this time. The packets exchanged between browsers and the C-Phrase VM instance are unencrypted. To secure C-Phrase, you will need to configure HTTPS.