C-Phrase on Premises

We realize that some customers prefer to install and operate C-Phrase on their own machines. This can be arranged. Please email us at contact@c-phrase.com to obtain a c-phrase.zip file. C-Phrase installation is automated for Debian/Ubuntu, but we have had customers that adapted the installation scripts for Centos as well. Earlier we had several stakeholders install C-Phrase on Windows, but we have discontinued Windows support. The directions below are for installation on Debian/Ubuntu.They will need to be adapted to different LINUX distributions.

Unzipping C-Phrase

Pick a directory under which you want to install C-Phrase. Move the c-phrase.zip to this directory and unzip it. This will create a subdirectory named delivery/. You may rename it to something else, but let us call this your C-Phrase root. If it is the first time you are installing C-Phrase, we recommended that you move the configs/ directory under your C-Phrase root to a separate location. Let us call this your configuration root. This is later where you will launch the Admin Server from. The initial configs directory contains several example configurations to get you started.

If you are re-installing C-Phrase, completely remove everything under your C-Phrase root. Otherwise the resulting installation may not be able to launch the Admin Interface.

Installing dependencies

The instructions here assume you are using Ubuntu/Debian. For other distributions you will need to adapt these scripts. For Ubuntu/Debian run the following in your C-Phrase root :

source install-base-debian.sh

Setting environmental variables

Go to your C-Phrase root and if you are using bash type:

Note you may want to add this to your .bashrc file.

Launching Admin Server

Go to your configuration root and type:
nohup -u c-phrase-admin

Point your browser at and you should be able to reach the admin login page. The user name is "admin" and the password is "EC2SUB". Note that nohup above lets the Admin Server persist after you log out. Otherwise, after log out, Admin Server will not work (report Errno 5).